Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Really Easy Way To Connect to BBS With an Amiga

Fancy re-living the BBS days on your Amiga? The BBS scene still exists, but these days they all use telnet, so your old dial-up modem is not the best method in 2014.

Using a cheap null-modem cable and USB to Serial adapter you can use a PC as a virtual modem and re-live those heady BBS days again!


My USB To Serial uses the ch340 chipset and has the model name HL-340, they can be had on ebay for quite cheap, it's the same as this:

BoycoT Internet Modem download link:
NComm for Amiga:
NComm free licence key:
Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie ebook:


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  2. Great video, I managed to get this working on my Amiga however NComm was not really cooperating with BoycoT Internet Modem, JR-COMM worked much better but only v0.94. Also there is a more stable internet modem emulator called tcpser which you can get for windows and linux. NComm works with tcpser quite nicely. Because tcpser is available for linux it makes it possible to use a raspberry pi for connecting the Amiga to a BBS.

    What I am working on now is using tcpser to telnet to a Raspberry Pi from the Amiga, which works if you are running the internet modem or tcpser through Windows but I have not yet got it to work exclusively on the Raspberry Pi (tcpser running on Pi telneting back to localhost).

    Hope to see additional videos on the topic.

  3. Exelent video , its posible to make an ADF of the diskette in the video , its very difficult to find JR-COM 0.94 , ncomm no work properly ... thanks !

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