Monday, 21 July 2014

The Dumbest Technology Moments on TV

Sometimes having a knowledge of technology can ruin your enjoyment for a mainstream TV series where computer usage is shown.

While showing endless lines of code would undoubtedly make for dull viewing, some of these examples are so ridiculous they have to be called out.

GUI interface using visual basic to track the killers IP address CSI

NCIS 2 Idiots, 1 Keyboard

Numb3rs' description of IRC

 NCIS Technical Writers Hard At Work Trolling PC Gamers


Castle Enhance!

Well done to the team behind Castle...

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Use SD Cards with Nintendo NES - Everdrive NES Review

How to download Nintendo Entertainment System ROMS and play them via an Everdrive N8 flashcart on the original console. (This is a re-upload with new material)

Buy Everdrive N8:


MorphOS 3.6 Review - Amiga on Mac G4 - What's New?

MorphOS is an Amiga-compatible computer operating system for a variety of PowerPC platforms, including many PPC Macs.

Here I take a look at some of the new features of the July 2014 release of version 3.6.  Video includes Wifi, Synergy, VNC and a new 3rd party DJ software called Soundbanker.

3.6 Release Notes:

Find out more about MorphOS:

Official Site:
Download Link:
Supported Hardware List:

The First Ever Apple iPod From 2001

I've always been a big music fan, so I take a look back at the early days of mp3 players, mini disc and cassette walkmans.

The Rio Diamond mp3 player, Sony Mini-Disc and the original 5gb  Apple iPod from 2001.

What's The Best Amiga / Commodore 64 Joystick?

I try out a few old-skool Joysticks in a totally unscientific test to see which stick performs best.

Included are legends like the Competition Pro and the Zipstick, and some more obscure classics like The Bug.