Sunday, 12 February 2017

MorphOS (Next-Gen Amiga): What's In My Dock?

MorphOS is an Amiga-like modern operating system.  What do I use it for, and what do I run?

Download MorphOS:

New 2017 Amiga 1200 Replacement Cases Review

Want a shiny new case for your classic Commodore Amiga 1200?

You're in luck! A new project to bring updated, multi-coloured cases for the A1200 is here, but how do they compare to the original?

I take a look. New cases: Keycaps Kickstarter:

Let's Play Retro Games At Christmas

Join us for our geeky Christmas party, with booze, bad jumpers and lots of (mostly) retro console and arcade video games!


Is Playstation VR Worth Buying? (Thoughts After 2 Weeks of Use)

I've had my Playstation VR for a weeks now, what do I like and dislike about it, and is it worth buying?

Commodore Amiga Plays MP3s - Prisma Megamix Soundcard Review

The Prisma Megamix is a new Amiga sound/music card, allowing the Commodore Amiga to play all manner of current audio formats.

I test it out on my Amiga 4000 from 1992.

How well does it perform, and what challenges did I run into?

 Prisma Megamix: