Sunday, 12 February 2017

MorphOS (Next-Gen Amiga): What's In My Dock?

MorphOS is an Amiga-like modern operating system.  What do I use it for, and what do I run?

Download MorphOS:


  1. Dan,
    I accidentally found your Amiga videos and have been inspired to open up a hall closet not opened since 1995 (when I moved to my current address). Inside this closet I have:
    1 x Amiga 2000 with 20mb (I think) hard drive and PC XT Bridgeboard (with a 40mb HD), along with the 5.25in floppy, 1084S monitor, keyboard, mouse and A520 modulator.
    1 x Amiga 4000/30 with hard drive (not sure how big) with a horrible CBM multi-scan monitor which cost me a fortune (and only 14"), keyboard and mouse.
    1 x CDTV with external SCSI hard drive, keyboard and mouse and a load of 'Pandora CDs!).
    1,000,000 less than legal (hides face in shame) floppies.

    My question to you is, is there anything I need to do before trying to switch these machines back on? I have heard horror stories of battery leakage in A2000s, but I opened mine up and it all looks clean and incredibly full of expansion cards.

    I am sure the hard drives will be dead by now, so do you know where I can get a replacement for any/all the above mentioned machines.

    Not sure what I plan to do with them, but getting them working properly seems a good first step.

    Thanks, and best regards,

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